2017-2018 Scholarship Application

Woodwind and Brass players should prepare a published solo or etude that best demonstrates your performance ability. All students are asked to sight-read and perform selected major scales (Prepare all 12 major scales. The committee will select several scales for you to perform during the audition).

Percussionists should prepare a published solo or etude on snare drum, timpani, and a percussion keyboard instrument as well as sight-read on each.

Piano accompaniment is not required for woodwind, brass, or percussion solos.

PLEASE NOTE: The music listed on the JSU Music Audition Requirements page is not required for your audition. These are only suggested pieces to guide you in selecting appropriate music for your audition. If you have any questions about audition requirements, please call or email the faculty member of your instrument, and they will be happy to help you. Visit the JSU Music Faculty Directory for contact information.

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Audition Dates TBA
Audition dates for current and returning JSU students will be announced during spring semester. You’ll reserve your audition time using sign-up sheets posted in Mason Hall.
Jazz Scholarship Auditions:
If you have any questions about JSU Jazz scholarships or need to schedule an audition date, please contact Dr. Andy Nevala at anevala@jsu.edu or 256-782-5883.