Welcome Southerners!

Greetings from Dr. B

Hello Southerners!

Before we know it, we will be back together ready to begin BAND CAMP 2014! I am very excited about the possibilities the 2014 production, “Salvation is Created–A Journey from Darkness to Light,” holds. I think that we are going to have an amazing time creating this production together.

To all of the people joining The Marching Southerners for the first time, welcome! Hopefully, you will find Southerners’ Band Camp to be one of the most enjoyable band camps that you have ever experienced. The atmosphere is very positive and a lot is accomplished every day. As you prepare for the upcoming season, try to eat healthy and stay in good physical shape over the summer months. The better shape you are in, the easier camp will seem.

I encourage everyone to try to get as much music as possible memorized before camp begins– especially the stand music. You can download all of the stand music by clicking here.

It is very important that everyone registers online for band camp (including vets!). We will be using the registration numbers as a guide to how many spots we should include into the visual program (drill). If you plan to attend band camp and you want to audition for a position with The Southerners, you must register online for camp by July 1, 2014. Any student registering after July 1 will be given the lowest priority when considering people for positions. (We must have all registrations complete by July 1, 2014, as we will begin writing the drill the next day.) You can register for camp online by clicking here.

Be sure to read the Things to Know section of this newsletter for information on camp dates and schedules, housing, fees, meals, etc. As I mentioned earlier, I am very excited about the 2014 Southerners production. I think this show is going to be very special to all of us. It will definitely be a show we will all remember for years to come!

I hope that you all have a safe and fun summer! If you happen to come through Jacksonville, feel free to stop by the office and say hello. I am already looking forward to hearing “Salvation” and “Stars Fell” ring through the halls of Mason again!

Blow Southerners!

Dr. B

p.s. Make sure that you complete and submit the online band camp registration form today!

From the Colorguard Coordinator - Mr. Rodney Bailey

We are very excited about the 2014 edition of the Marching Southerners. The flags and uniforms have already been designed and we are now in the final stages of mapping out the visual program.

Those of you who are selected for the 2014 Marching Southerners Colorguard and are incoming freshmen will be attending freshmen orientation this summer. You will be told that you must sign up for STU 101. I am one of the orientation advisors for JSU and will be teaching a section of STU 101. When registering, feel free to sign up for my section. The time in which my section will meet will be given out during orientation. Also, you might want to make sure you sign up for an early orientation. That way the chances of you getting your first choice of classes are greater.

If you have any questions about orientation or any colorguard related material, please feel free to contact me at rbailey814@gmail.com or visit the colorguard website.

From the Drum Majors

Hello Southerners!

The drum majors as well as the section leaders would like to welcome everyone to our upcoming season. We have an incredibly exciting year ahead of us, and we hope you are just as ready to get started as we are. The show this year takes us back to our traditional roots with the Southerners’ timeless rendition of “Salvation is Created.” We will lead you on an exciting and emotional journey “From Darkness to Light.” Our journey continues as the Southerners travel to Michigan State University to support our football team and welcome our new head coach, Mr. John Grass. We will have the opportunity to touch the hearts of the thousands of students, parents, and alumni who will see the Southerners in action this season. This is sure to be a year to remember! BLOW SOUTHERNERS!


Band Camp Dates:
Rookies - August 7th
Vets - August 9th

If you have any questions or concerns about the Marching Southerners, please check out the Southerners website (www.marchingsoutherners.org), or contact any one of us:

Your Drum Majors,
Kara Mullinax kmullinax1@jsu.edu
Daniel O’Donnell dodonnell1@jsu.edu
Joie Byrd joiebyrd3@msn.com

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