Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a scholarship to attend JSU, march in the Southerners, or be a music major?
No. It'll just cost less if you do.

Do I have to be a music major to march Southerners?
No. We'll take anyone with a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

I can't make it to JSU for the posted audition times! What do I do?
Call the music department as soon as possible, and they'll work it out.

Do I have to be accepted to JSU to march Southerners?
Yes. Insurance requirements mandate that all people in the band are enrolled for the class. You can't enroll for the class if you're not enrolled in the University.

How do I enroll at JSU?
Visit for all the info you'll need. If you have further questions, either talk to your high school guidance counselor or call 1-800-231-5291, ext. 5268 and tell them you need help.

Do I have to be a music major to receive a scholarship?
No you do not. You just must meet the requirements for the scholarship.