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Message to the Alumni
Hello Southerners Alumni!
It was so good to see so many of you at the alumni banquet/reunion on November 9-10.  What a fantastic weekend!  I am already looking forward to next year.
I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. (I know that The Southerners and Marching Ballerinas did - - that was their first weekend off since September!) They were such a wonderful group of young people this year - - what a fantastic season.  By the way... THEY absolutely loved the alumni reunion weekend.  It meant so much to them to get to play with the alumni band on Spirit of the Bull at halftime. But most of all, I think that the thing they loved singing "I'll Fly Away" arm in arm with all of the alumni on Friday night and then again on Saturday. (Thank you for creating so many great memories for our current Southerners on that special weekend).
I also write to you today to ask for your help. JSU has initiated a fantastic (tax-deductible) campaign that will help secure our Marching Southerners through the current tough economic times as well as into the future.  The 12 for 12 campaign is very simple and very affordable.  Our goal is to reach 1000 Southerners and Marching Ballerina Alumni that will commit $12 per month for at least 12 months. (This basically equates to 2 trips through a fast-food drive thru) The university can easily set up an auto pay from your credit card or bank account. (I set mine up on the day that the campaign was initiated and I can honestly say that I have not missed the $12 per month).  Although it is a small amount of money, if all of us alumni pledge to participate in this campaign, TOGETHER we will make a HUGE difference. The money from this campaign will be used for instrument purchase/repair, uniform maintenance and replacement, needs for each year's show production - - flags, music, props, etc... As you can imagine, nowadays the cost to run a band the size of The Southerners is staggering.
As we approach the season of giving, if you feel the urge in your heart to "give back" to the band program that has done so much for each of us alums, I ask you to consider signing up for the 12 for 12 campaign.  Your donation will be felt in the lives of many future Southerners!
As always, thank you so much for your amazing support, have a wonderful holiday season and.......

Please click here====> 12/12 Brochure
Forms can be mailed to:
JSU Foundation
700 Pelham Road N. 
Jacksonville, AL 36265