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Hawaii Trip Assistance

Hello Southerners!

In an effort to help raise money for those of you planning to go on the Hawaii trip in December, we have put together a campaign. Please share the attached flyer on your social media so that people can make a tax deductible donation to the Hawaii trip fund. In order for the donation to be tax deductible, the donor cannot specify a particular recipient. However, if they make a donation to a general "trip" fund, we can allow you all to apply for assistance and their donation will be tax deductible.

In order to apply, you must complete an application. All applications will be reviewed by the awards committee (listed on the flyer). The number and amount of the awards will be based on the amount of donations collected.

As you complete your application, put a lot of thought into your essay before you submit. Make sure that you spell check, use proper grammar and punctuation throughout your essay.

The deadline to apply is September 15, 2016.
Please use the following link for your application ( and don't forget to share the attached flyer on your social media!

Donation Flyer