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2017 Spring Concert Band Auditions
Date: Monday November 28, 2016
Double Reeds and Percussion: Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Below you can download the prepared piece for your instrument.  (The links will become live as I receive the music)

Flute/Picc (Select your own prepared music)
Double Reeds (Tuesday, Nov. 29th) Select your own solo from applied.
Bass Clarinet
Saxophone       (Sign up sheet at Mr. Stovall's Office) The audition music has been changed from the original that was posted.  So sorry for the inconvenience. 
Horn (Mr. Soloman's room - 4-pm to 5pm only) You will have sight reading as well.
Trumpet -- 1) Buckaroo Holiday solo 2 before 23 to 25  2)My Fair Lady "Street Where You Live" pick up to 66 to 98 (no mute)  3) first 7 lines. Stop stop after "high a" at the end of measure 1 in line 8.
Bass Trombone
Percussion (Monday, Nov. 28th 3pm) Select your own solo from applied. (3pm - 5pm)