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2018 Spring Concert Band Auditions
Below you will find the times and dates for the 2018 Spring Concert Band Auditions and any music to be prepared if applicable.

Flutes -- Monday, November 27th 3:30PM-4:30PM
Clarinets -- Tuesday, November 28th 3PM-6PM
Double Reeds -- Tuesday, November 28th 3:45PM-4:45PM
Saxophones -- Tuesday, November 28th 3PM-6PM (Click HERE for music)
Trumpets -- Monday, November 27th 5PM-8PM (Click HERE for music)
French Horns -- Tuesday, November 28th 3PM-6PM
Trombones -- Monday, November 27th 3PM-6PM
Baritone/Euphoniums -- Monday, November 27th 4PM-6PM
Tuba -- Monday, November 27th 4PM-6PM
Percussion -- Tuesday, November 28th 3PM-6PM

Sign up sheets will be available on your applied professor's door* the week before Thanksgiving break!

*Horn sign up sheet will be on Dr. Bodiford's door.