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Italy Trip Q & As / Registration / Payment
To Register for the trip and to make payments:
Trip Code: JSU
Password: 2019
Click “New Reservation”
Once you submit the information, you will receive a ‘Reservation Code’.  It will also be emailed to you. There are tabs on the reservation page for you to view your information and make payments.
Single Performer means one performer per hotel room (which is more expensive)
Double Performer means two performers per hotel room (which is less expensive) -- you will have a roommate (make sure you know who you want to room with) 

If you would like to room with a parent, they should register through the alumni/parent site ( and you register through the site above. You will register as a "Double Performer" and your parent will register as a "Double Non-Performer."  Unlike hotels in America, European hotel rooms are smaller and normally only accommodate two people (two small single beds).

If you are an ENTERING FRESHMAN FOR FALL 2018, you may go ahead and register for the trip and start making payments, if you wish to go.  Everyone will be allowed to go on the trip; marching members and alternates. If you are not offered a marching position in the halftime show, you will automatically be offered an alternate position until a "full" marching position becomes available. EVERYONE is allowed to march in all parades and play in the stands for football games.

If you are NOT a Marching Southerner (parent, fan, alumni, etc...) and would like to go on the trip to watch The Marching Southerners participate in this historic event, we would love to have you travel to Italy with us! Kaci Ogle is organizing the alumni, parent, fan group.  Information for your registration can be found at

Marching Southerners Italy Tour Itinerary Click Here

Italy Q & As
Use this link to register for the trip and to make payments:
Trip Code: JSU
Password: 2019
Click “New Reservation”
Once you submit the information, you will receive a ‘Reservation Code’.  It will also be emailed to you. There are tabs on the reservation page for you to view your information and make payments.

I am not familiar with the Atlanta airport.  Where can I find a directory and/or maps of the airport?

Where should I park my car?
There is parking at the airport, as well as offsite parking.  If you park at the airport you will walk from the parking garage to the terminal.  If you park offsite, a shuttle bus will carry you from the parking lot to the terminal. *Offsite parking is less expensive and you don’t have to carry your bags as far.

What time should I arrive at the airport?
Three (3) hours before your scheduled flight.

How do I find my airline at the airport?
DELTA is in the SOUTH Terminal and is color coded RED.
UNITED is in the NORTH Terminal and is color coded BLUE.
AMERICAN is in the SOUTH Terminal and is color coded RED.

Where do I check in?
Your TMF Host will meet you at GROUP CHECK-IN at your airline’s terminal.
You will not check in individually. *specific gates TBD until flights are secured*
DELTA Flights – Meet at Terminal South
UNITED Flights – Meet at Terminal North
AMERICAN Flights—Meet at Terminal South

Who are my TMF Hosts?
Paul Flinchbaugh  
Willie Perez
*other Hosts TBD*

How will I get my airline ticket?
Your TMF Host will have your airline ticket at GROUP CHECK-IN.

Will I need an ID?
YES! All travelers flying on an international flight must present a United States passport.  * It would be a good idea to take a picture of and/or scan your passport and email/text it to yourself or a friend.  This would be very helpful if you lose your passport on the trip!  NOTE: Passports will not be valid if it is within 6 months of the expiration date.

How much does it cost to check luggage?
One (1) Checked bag is included in your package.
*Any additional checked baggage will be charged by the airline.

How much can my luggage weigh?
Suitcases CANNOT exceed 50 pounds.  If they do, you will be charged an overweight fee by the airlines.

How do I pay the checked luggage fee?
You pay via check or credit card directly to TMF Tours and Travel on your online account.                 

How do I check my luggage?
You will get your ticket from your TMF Host.
You will line up with your plane ticket ready and your luggage that you would like to check.
The airline will have attendants to help check your luggage for the group.
TMF Host will finalize your luggage check-in and pay all at once.
You will NOT check any luggage curbside.

What if I didn’t pay my luggage fee in advance?
You will need to bring cash and pay the TMF representative at check-in.

What if I paid the baggage fee and decide not to check a bag?
You will need to let Isela Cervantes know and a refund will be processed once the trip has ended.

Do I have to pay to check my instrument?
All large instruments will be paid by TMF.  
(Mellophones-Trombone-Tenor & Bari Sax-Baritone-20J-Snare, Tenor, & Bass Drum-Cymbals-Guard equipment)

What if my instrument is not included in the ‘large instrument’ list?
You will not check it.  It will be part of your carry-on.   (Flute-Clarinet-Alto Sax-Trumpet)

If my instrument is considered a carry-on, does that mean I can’t have a separate carry-on with personal items?
You can have one personal item (purse or bookbag) and your instrument will count as the carry-on.

How big can my carry on bag be?
Baggage must fit easily in the Carry-on Baggage Check (approximately 22" x 14" x 9" or 56 x 35 x 23 cm), which is located near the check-in counters.

What if I am not checking a bag?
You will stay with your group off to the side so the check-in process can move as quickly as possible.

Do we have chaperones for our flights?
Yes, each flight will have an assigned chaperone. 

How are chaperones different from the TMF Hosts?
TMF Hosts will assist with the check-in process at the airports (Atlanta & Italy).  They will distribute the airline tickets, pay and coordinate luggage check-in, assist with baggage claim, and transportation from the airport to the hotel.

You will check in with your chaperone at your departure gate at both take-off AND connecting flights.  This will be the procedure for both Atlanta and Italy flights.

Can I switch my seat on the plane?
You can switch once you are on the plane. 

If my flight has a layover, can I leave the airport?
NO. No one is allowed to leave the terminal.

How do I contact a TMF Host?
If you have questions or concerns prior to your departure date, you will contact:
Isela Cervantes at the TMF Office (956) 984-9468 or email her at

The TMF Hosts cell numbers are for use on the actual dates of travel.  December 27 and/or January 4.
Mr. Willie Perez (956) 499-4002 cell
Mr. Paul Flinchbaugh (956) 572-0545 cell

It’s worth repeating…
You will need a United States PASSPORT for the trip to Italy.  If you already have one, check the expiration date.  If it expires six (6) months prior to departure, it will not be valid.