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2009 Southerners Reunion
 Hello Southerners Alumni!


Well, in less than two weeks we will once again celebrate our annual SOUTHERNERS REUNION!  Everyone here at JSU can feel the excitement around campus as your return is anticipated.


The event will begin on Friday, November 20, with a lasagna dinner (6:30 PM) including all the fixings!  The dinner, as well as the registration, will be held in Leone Cole Auditorium.  At the registration table in the lobby, you will pick up your packet for the reunion (wristbands, extra tickets, etc.) Once everyone has had time to eat, the Marching Southerners will be set up outside the auditorium to give everyone a standstill performance of their 2009 production, “Of Thee I Sing.”


After the Southerners’ performance, it will be time for the alumni band to start rehearsal. 


1) All Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion will rehearse in Leone Cole Auditorium.

2) All Marching Ballerinas and Guard Members will rehearse in the Thereon Montgomery Building.  (The Ballerinas will perform    different choreography in groups according to their era).


Once the rehearsals are completed, everyone will have the rest of the night to socialize and reminisce over yesteryear.


On Saturday morning, we will have an early morning rehearsal in the stadium to put the final touches on the alumni show.  We will have donuts, juice and coffee under the tent at Gamecock Field next to the stadium beginning at 8:00 a.m.  For those who are only coming in on Saturday, we will have a red tent set up for you to pick up your wristbands, extra tickets, etc.  That tent will be open from 7:00 a.m. to approximately 11 a.m.  Anyone wishing to pick up their reserved wristbands and extra tickets after that time can pick them up at the “will call” table at the stadium.   At Pre-game, once the current Marching Southerners perform the first part of their pre-game show, then the Grey Drummers will cadence all of the Alumni onto the field for their pre-game performance.


Remember, everyone planning to attend the reunion must register in order to have a free wristband to enter the stadium for the event.  Even if you do not attend the dinner, you need to make reservations for Saturday.  All dinner reservations and all extra tickets must be ordered NO LATER THAN Tuesday, November 17, and paid for in advance.  If you do not make a reservation, there will be no wristbands or football tickets available at the check in table. Fax reservations (with debit/credit card info) to the Alumni Office at (256) 782-5502 or call toll free 1-877-JSU-ALUM or (256) 782-5404. Please include the card number, expiration date and security code (last 3 digits on back of card).


Once again, we would like to recognize all of our Charter members by asking them to wear their 50th Anniversary Medallion to the game. Also, if everyone could wear a RED top (perhaps your wind breaker from the 50th anniversary) and khaki pants, we would appreciate it.  If you are in need of a red sweatshirt or T-shirt, the Southerners will have their souvenir booth open throughout the event so that you may purchase all kinds of items such as key chains, t-shirts, sweatshirts, CDs, DVDs and car tags.


The tunes that we plan to perform are:

Mexico Bound


Stars Fell


Quilting Party   (Featuring the Marching Ballerinas)

Southerners Special (Featuring the Marching Ballerinas)

Dixie (woodwinds)

Fight Song (Featuring the Marching Ballerinas)

You can print out your music ahead of time by visiting this site:  (NOT a link)

We sure hope that you can arrange your schedule so that you can attend the event.  There is no other event on campus with such “Esprit De Corps” than the Southerner’s reunion.  So plan to come and rekindle old friendships with your Southerners family.  I look forward to seeing everyone on the 20th and 21st!

Blow Southerners!

Ken Bodiford

PS. UPD tells me that they stop ticketing about 1pm on Fridays.  I think the best place for you to park will be in front of Bibb Graves and walk across the quad to the Leone Cole Auditorium.