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2012 Southerners Alumni Reunion
Hello Southerners Alumni!
I hope that everyone is starting to enjoy a bit of the cool fall weather that has finally made its way to Jacksonville! It is beginning to “feel” like football season!
We are all gearing up here at JSU for the Southerners Alumni Reunion.  Hopefully you all will be able to attend….(November 9-10).  You should have received your registration form from the alumni office by now.  However, if you have not, you can download the registration form by clicking HERE. To download the cover letter/schedule click HERE. (The letter includes information about a special gathering for Trombone players and a rehearsal for the Ballerinas)
This year we have a special treat for everyone. For the first time, the Southerners Alumni Color Guard will be performing during half time with the alumni band!  The Alumni guard started meeting in the spring and continued to have weekend “camps” throughout the summer. They are looking FANTASTIC! 

This is what everyone can look forward to for the Reunion HALF-TIME show:
The Grey Drummers will cadence everyone onto the field, then the Alumni band will be performing several of our “traditional tunes” ------ Salvation, Stars Fell, Southerners Special, Quilting Party (The Marching Ballerinas will perform)…then the Alumni Band and the current Marching Southerners will combine forces for the Grand Finale - - “Spirit of the Bull!” The Alumni Guard will be featured during “Spirit of the Bull.”)  We will then close out the half-time performance with the JSU Fight Song. You can download all of the traditional tunes as well as "Spirit of the Bull" by clicking HERE. (Ignore the statement about having to memorize the music - - this is the same page that I include in the Southerners band camp letter....HA HA!)
PLEASE make plans to “come back home” to JSU for the reunion.  It is going to be a wonderful weekend.  After the Friday night (Nov 9) Alumni Banquet/Dinner, the current Marching Southerners will give a special performance of the 2012 show especially for the alumni.
See you on November 9-10!
Ken Bodiford