2017 JSU Marching Southerners


“Some people appear in your life when you need them most. They love you and lift you up, reminding you of the best, even when you’re going through the worst. These people are not just friends, they are Earth angels.”— Anna Taylor

Angels are not confined to the realm of the unknown. They are everywhere, right here among us. In 2017, the Marching Southerners reflect on those people who appear in our lives when we need them the most. While some may no longer be with us, they continue to inspire us, comfort us, and give us hope. These Earth angels lift us up on their wings with every smile, warm memory, and act of kindness. They remind us that miracles happen every day…if we only choose to see them.

This Fall, join the Marching Southerners for an emotional journey of encouragement and hope with their 2017 production, Angels Among Us.


“Fly to Paradise” by Eric Whitacre
“Resplendent Glory” by Rossano Galante
“Ready for a Miracle” by Bunny Hull and Art Reynolds
“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan
“Joyride” by Michael Markowski
“Hyfrydol Hymn” by Rowland H. Prichard