Hello Southerners!

We have finally finished reviewing all of the video auditions of the Brass and Woodwind players. We had almost 300 videos submitted! Thank you to everyone for taking care of that in a timely manner.

Please click on the links below and look for your name so that you will know which band and which part you have been assigned to. (Brass & Woodwinds are only listed on these lists). Percussion, Ballerinas, and Guard members you will get your band placement from Mr. Gillespie (Percussion), Mrs. Stovall (Ballerinas), and Mr. Bailey (Guard).

Brass and Woodwind players, if you cannot find your name on one of the lists for the bands, please contact your section leader. (I probably accidentally left your name off…..we will get it corrected). Please remember that all three bands are of EQUAL talent. Also, each section is listed in random order….the order does not reflect audition scores.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

I should have more news for everyone very soon regarding camp and the band camp schedule.

Take care!


Dr. B