JSU Marching Southerners

2022 JSU Honor Band

Coming in May, 2022

Do Students and Chaperones have to register?
Yes. There is a separate link for each. Links will open Fall 2021.

When is Honor Band?
2022 Honor Band is held TBD, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Overnight (TWO NIGHTS)

How do I pay my honor band fees online? (We DO NOT accept personal checks)

All fees are paid through your account on Talentspotz. Login with the credentials you used when registering for honor band. Once you have logged in you will be prompted to confirm attendance. From here you will be prompted to pay your fee on PayPal.

What should I bring?
Bed linens or a sleeping bag and pillow, toiletry items, towels, comfortable clothes, a MUSIC STAND (very important), and of course your instrument.  
​**Percussionists should bring snare sticks, mallets, and timpani sticks.**

Where will my students/child be housed?
JSU Housing will provide accommodations for all students in our on-campus dorms.

Where will Chaperones be housed?
Every attempt will be made to put chaperones in rooms near their students.

Can Directors and Chaperones eat in the Cafeteria?
Yes!  Director’s meals are included.  Chaperone meals are included in the chaperone fee ($80 on campus and $40 off campus).

How will check-in work?
When you arrive there will be assistants (and signs) showing you where to proceed. All students will need to report to the Recital Hall (located on the top floor of Mason Hall) and Directors/Chaperones will need to report to the Leone Cole Auditorium to check their students in.  

Check-in will be for band directors/chaperones only, to help expedite the process (students should remain in the Performance Center).  After you have been checked-in you will be given further instructions/wrist bands/final schedule.

Is there a cost to come watch the Honor Bands perform?
There is NO charge for admission.  We would love to have you come and listen!

Who do I make my check payable to?
Fees will paid online through the same talentspotz website used for registration, but if have to pay with a check you can give your payment to your band director and they will write us a school check for the fees. All fees are due by TBA. We cannot accept personal checks. Checks should be made payable to “JSU.”

What do I wear to the concert?
We will provide an HONOR BAND T-SHIRT for everyone to wear to the concert. We ask that you wear either khaki pants or shorts to the concert so that each band will have a “uniform” look.

Where and when will the concert be held?
The concerts will begin on Saturday at 10:30AM.  The concert is held in the Pete Matthews Coliseum on the campus of Jacksonville State University.

HELP!! I am having trouble with my application process!
Please make sure you have filled out the resume completely and submit. If you are having trouble understanding the online application process please contact us.