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Sarah Crawford


Hometown: Dalton, Georgia
High School: Northwest Whitfield High School
Message to Potential Members: “It’s important to be yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re about to make a ton of new friends, and we’re all here to improve and support each other! 🙂”

Nicholas McDaniel


Hometown: Sylacauga, Alabama
High School: B. B. Comer Memorial High School
Message to Potential Members: “The Marching Southerners is a huge welcoming family! There are so many people that would love to meet YOU! Never be afraid to seek help and know that we are here for you. Please contact us if you have any questions! Lastly, know that anything is possible as long as you have the courage to pursue it! 🤩”


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1) Do we have to audition to make the flute line? Yes, you do! The auditions are not meant to be stressful. They are a combination of marching technique, attitude, and playing ability. The section leaders will keep you informed about the music for auditions as we get closer to band camp. 

Music Audition videos will must be submitted by July 1st, and visual auditions will take place during camp! 

2) Do we have to audition on flute before we audition on piccolo?​ Yes! You have to make the flute line before you audition on piccolo. The piccolo auditions are a little different and have more to do with intonation.

3) Do we have to have a specific kind of piccolo if we make the line? The only requirement is that it is a black plastic piccolo. Most members on the line march a Pearl PFP105E (http://www.bandinstrumentsguide.com/pearl-pfp-105e-piccolo-review/) or a Gemeinhardt 4P (http://www.gemeinhardt.com/gemeinhardt-4p-piccolo.html). These are ones we typically use, but do not require! Please feel free to look on other websites or go to any music store to find a good deal on the instrument.

4) Do we need to wear anything specific to band camp? No, you don’t! We recommend wearing light-weight clothes that you would exercise in. The only requirement is that you wear tennis shoes. Also, bring plenty of water!

5) Where do we meet for events such as Scholarship Auditions, Woodwind Day, J-Day Game, and Band Camp? Contact your section leaders to find out the exact location. We attached a map of the campus that will hopefully make finding Mason Hall easier. http://www.jsu.edu/campusmap/?Mason_Hall_

6) Do you need to sign up for a specific class to be a part of the Marching Southerners? Yes. At orientation, you will need to sign up for either MU192 (underclassmen) or 392 (upperclassmen). Once you do this, you will officially be enrolled in the Southerners. You MUST be signed up for the class to march. 

7) Do we need sign up for band camp? Yes! You will sign up by clicking on the BAND CAMP REGISTRATION tab under “Events/Band Camp”. 

8) When are concert band auditions? Auditions for the fall semester are virtual and will be due through online submission on August 1st before band camp begins. Music for auditions will be posted around May!

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