JSU Marching Southerners

2023 JSU Marching Southerners Symposium

April 15th, 2023


On April 15th, 2023, Jacksonville State University will host the second annual…

Marching Southerners Symposium!

This all-day event is an exciting opportunity for middle and high school students to hone leadership skills, gain valuable experience marching and playing their instruments, and take a peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of the Sudler Trophy-winning Marching Southerners.
Participating students will have the opportunity to:
    • Participate in leadership sessions hosted by the Marching Southerners directors
    • Learn marching technique and perform drill under the guidance of the Marching Southerners directors and leadership staff
    • Join the Marching Southerners in the first ever reading of the 2023 Marching Southerners show music!
This event is open to students of ALL levels of experience and ALL sections (Instrumentalists, Percussion, Colorguard, Dancers, Drum Majors, etc.). From experienced high school seniors to brand new marchers and musicians, the Marching Southerners Symposium strives to create a valuable experience for students regardless of their experience level. 



Registration has closed for the 2023 Marching Southerners Symposium. Below is additional information for students who have registered and plan to attend the event.
Click HERE to locate the Marching Southerners Symposium Consent/Medical Release Form. This pdf MUST be printed, completed, signed by a parent or guardian, and presented at the registration table during the 8:00 AM check-in process at the Pete Mathews Coliseum. You will not be able to participate in the Marching Southerners Symposium if this form is not presented at the registration table on April 15th.

Thank you all for registering, and we look forward to seeing you on April 15, 2023!

2023 Schedule of Events

TIME  (All times are Central) (Location in red)

8:00 AM Check-in (Pete Mathews Coliseum)

8:30 AM Opening Meeting (Pete Mathews Coliseum)

8:45 AM Transition to Practice Field (Bennett Field)

9:00 AM Marching Session (Bennett Field)

10:45 AM Transition to Mason Hall

11:00 AM Ultimate Drill Book (UDB)/Leadership Clinic (Recital Hall/Band Room, Mason Hall)

12:00 PM Lunch at the Cafeteria (Jack Hopper Dining Hall)

1:15 PM Transition to Field (Bennett Field)

1:30 PM Music Rehearsal (Bennett Field)

2:00 PM Learn Drill (Bennett Field)

(Drum Major Conducting Session)

3:15 PM Auxiliary and Percussion Join (Bennett Field)

4:00 PM Snacks (Bennett Field)

4:30 PM Transition to Stadium (JSU Stadium)

4:45 PM Meet the Southerners (JSU Stadium)

4:50 PM Warm up (JSU Stadium)

5:00 PM Perform Fight Song Drill 

(Parents may join) (JSU Stadium)

5:15 PM Reading Band (JSU Stadium)

2023 Southerners Show


(Click image to enlarge)

Checklist/Important Information

Meals: Meals will be offered at the Jack Hopper Dining Hall on campus at JSU.

Meals are $10 per student and will be “all you care to eat.” Food selection includes sandwiches, soups, pizza, hamburgers, chicken, salads, and many more entree options for students to enjoy. Students will need to bring cash, as the dining hall will not be accepting card payments. 


  • Comfortable tennis shoes for marching and walking around campus (you cannot march in sandals or flip-flops.)
  • A large water thermos or water bottle. We will provide water and ice for you to fill up throughout the day.
  • A fully charged smartphone to use for the Drill portion. We will teach you how to use the UDB app!
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses/Ball cap- It is important that you protect yourself from the sun. It can get pretty bright at the practice field!
  • Money for food and “just in case” for the day. The cafeteria will only be accepting cash. 
  • Comfortable clothing for the Alabama weather. Shorts and short-sleeves will help in keeping you cool and comfortable!
  • For dancers/colorguard: Wear athletic attire that you can freely move in. Tennis shoes are required. Jazz shoes are optional, but no lyrical shoes, soft paws, or dance socks.
  • Everyone will need to bring their OWN INSTRUMENT AND EQUIPMENT. This includes Woodwinds, Brass, Battery Percussion, and Colorguard. The only instrument we will provide is Front Ensemble equipment. We do not have enough to lease or rent for the day. Everyone is responsible for their own instruments and equipment. 
  • Everyone will need to bring their own copies of music, and a music stand.  You may read your music off of a smartphone or device if you choose to. Please prepare the part that you are most comfortable on. Front Ensemble will play and read the Flute music. 
JSU and Southerners Apparel: “Get Personalized,” a shop located on the “square” in Jacksonville, will remain open during the Symposium to purchase Southerners merchandise. Address: 213 Pelham Rd S, Jacksonville, Alabama 36265


Music to the Fight Song can be found at the following link, under “Traditional Stand Tunes“: www.marchingsoutherners.org/music

To access the 2023 show music once it is released, go to your individual section under the “Sections” tab. Music can be found be scrolling down through the page. 

Please select the part that you are most comfortable playing, and happy practicing!!


Click here for the Drumline Packet

Click here for the Front Ensemble Packet

Sammy’s Sofa













Areas of Instruction

Leadership Clinic: Dr. Kenneth G. Bodiford (Director of Bands)

Students will interact with other student leaders across the southeast in this unique leadership program designed specifically for marching bands.

Percussion Clinic: Mr. Clint Gillespie (Associate Director of Bands/Percussion Coordinator)

Students will work on fundamentals to improve their marching percussion skills. Students will also learn a short cadence and a song to play with the full band at the end of the day.

Marching Clinic: Dr. Jeremy Stovall (Assistant Director of Bands)

Students will learn how to read drill charts and coordinate sheets. This session will include grid terminology, field layout, field markings, and how coordinates work. 

Students will also learn how to use the Ultimate Drill Book (UDB) app to aid in setting and cleaning drill.

Colorguard Clinic: Mr. Rodney Bailey (Colorguard Coordinator)

Participants will learn fundamentals from the Southerners Colorguard Leadership staff, which will conclude with the teaching of the JSU Fight Song choreography as well as an excerpt from the upcoming 2023 Production. Students are welcome and encouraged to take any choreography back to their high schools to incorporate into their 2022 fall/winter programs.


Dance Clinic: Mrs. Noelle Stovall (Ballerina/Dance Coordinator)

Dancers will spend the day learning dance fundamentals, stretch and strength building for kicks, and choreography to improve their technical abilities and performance quality.

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