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Hello Everyone!

I hope that you are all well and are enjoying your semester!

In order to get the lines set in time to start pre-game drill as soon as possible during camp, we have decided to do the music auditions virtually again this year. If you play a woodwind or brass instrument, you will need to submit an audition video. The video audition submission due date is July 1st, 2024. All marching/visual auditions will take place at camp. Your music audition (video) score will be combined with your marching/visual audition score to give you a final audition score. Concert band auditions will still remain at the end of band camp.

If you need to check out an instrument (mellophone, baritone, euphonium, 20J) to complete your video, please contact one of the graduate teaching assistants through their emails found on the “Leadership Staff” tab of the Band Camp page.

Remember, in order to be considered for a spot with the 2024 Marching Southerners, you must submit your audition video by the deadline (July 1st). If you would like to submit it before then, that is perfectly fine!

Again, If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at kenbodiford@jsu.edu. I can’t wait to get everyone on campus for band camp and get this season started. 

Have a great semester and summer, be safe, and register for band camp today! 

Blow Southerners!

-Dr. B


Audition Music and Info


To make the Southerners Flute Line, you must have a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.

Show Excerpt: 

Lyrical Excerpt:

Stars Fell:

Chromatic Scale:

  • Your comfortable full-range chromatic scale at whatever tempo is most comfortable for you.

***Please play the above material at the suggested tempo and dynamic markings. Pay attention to detail and include as much dynamic contrast as possible. Strive for a clean and confident sound.

***You will submit the flute audition as your video over the summer. Please include both excerpts that are listed above in your video. Please see below if you are interested in auditioning for the piccolo line.


***Piccolo auditions will be held in person during the start of band camp. This applies to both new and returning members. Please do not include your piccolo audition in your video as it will not be considered.

The following factors will play into piccolo auditions this year:

  • You must make the flute line in order to audition for the piccolo line.
  • Your piccolo must be a black plastic/composite material (no metal head joints or piccolos)!

  • It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you have your own piccolo at the time of the audition.

Piccolo auditions will test the following skills/attributes:

  • Intonation/ability to adjust pitch
  • Tone quality

  • Rhythmic Accuracy
  • Attitude
  • Eagerness to improve

  • Willingness to learn

  • Creating a positive environment for those in the Southerners Piccolo Line and Southerners Flute Line.

***Please prepare the following for you IN-PERSON piccolo audition (the date of the audition will be discussed at band camp/through email):

Show Excerpts: 

Stars Fell:

Chromatic Scale:

  • Chromatic Range/Pitch Testing

    Please be prepared to demonstrate your full range on piccolo. You will be asked to play different pitches while striving for as perfect of intonation as possible.

    ***Please play the above material at the suggested tempo and dynamic markings. Pay attention to detail and include as much dynamic contrast as possible. Strive for a clean and confident sound. There will be no material included in your in-person audition that is not included here. Please prepare accordingly knowing this information.

    ***Please email either section leader if you have ANY questions about the material. You can find our emails by clicking on the mail icon near our names on the flute section subpage!


Show Excerpts: 

  • Opener: Measures 99-102
  • Ballad: Measures 11-19
  • Closer: Measures 5-22
Please audition on the part that you would like to play for the 2024 marching season. Announce which part you are auditioning for on your video. The options are lead, first, upper second or lower second. 
You will also be asked to play Quilting Party from letter C to the end. Please play the pickup notes.
*Upper seconds will play the top split and lower seconds will play the bottom split.
Quilting Party:
You will also play all of Stars Fell. Leads will play the clarinet 1 part, firsts will play the upper split of clarinet 2, and upper AND lower seconds will play the bottom split of clarinet 2.
Lead Audition:
Everyone trying out for lead must perform their chromatic scale from low E to altissimo G plus all the other material listed above.


Show Excerpts/Audition Information: 


  • Altos will be required to play measures 30 to 47 in the closer (first part), D to the end of Quilting Party memorized, and their chromatic scale from low C to high F.


  • Tenors will be required to play measures 30 to 47 in the closer, D to the end of Quilting Party memorized, and their chromatic scale from low C to high F.


  • Baris will be required to play all of Let the Sunshine in, D to the end of Quilting Party memorized, and their chromatic scale from low A to high D.


Show Excerpts: 

  • Closer – mm. 38-45

In addition to the closer excerpt, you will be required play “Salvation is Created” from mm 9 – end and “Quilting Party” from d – end on whichever part you feel most comfortable. That music will be posted below. Include these in your video. *NOTE – Please put your audition information in the description of your video, not audibly in the audition video for time purposes.

*Salvation and Quilting Party: (Upper Lead auditionees play the fermata “A” in measure 9 of Salvation followed by a leap to high “E”)

Trumpet 1 Salvation 

Trumpet 2 Salvation 

Trumpet 3 Salvation 

Trumpet 1 Quilting Party

Trumpet 2 Quilting Party

Trumpet 3 Quilting Party

Chromatic Scale:

*You will also be required to include a chromatic scale in your video. This will correspond to the part you would like to be considered for in the show.*

*A great, warm, symphonic sound is what we want to hear. A solid 2nd or 3rd part audition is better than a strained, shrill lead part audition.*

*Please play the chromatic scale ascending and descending.*

  • Upper Lead: Middle G- Double G
  • Lower Lead: Middle G- High D
  • Second: Middle G- High C
  • Third: Middle G- High G

*Upper Lead – In addition to the audition material above, you must perform the marked off material located HERE.


Show Excerpts: 

  • Closer – mm. 30 – 45

Lyrical Excerpt:

In addition to the opener excerpt, you will be required to play the following lyrical excerpt in its entirety. Please play whichever part you are most comfortable on and allows for a warm sound. Include this in your audition video.

Lyrical Horn Excerpt

Chromatic Scale:

You will also be required to include a chromatic scale in your video. These will correspond to the part that you are auditioning for. 

  • 1st Horn: Low C- High C above the staff, and hold for 4 counts.
  • 2nd Horn: Low C- G above the staff, and hold for 4 counts.


Show Excerpts:


  • 1st/2nd – Measures 103 – 110 (1st Part add 95 – 110)
  • Bass – 95 – 110


  • Bass – Measures 23 – 32


  • 1st/2nd – Measures 86 – 90

Quilting Party

  • 1st/2nd – 2 beats before C to the end
  • Bass – 4 bars before C to the end 

Chromatic Scale

  • Lowest Comfortable note to Highest Comfortable note (All Parts)


Show Excerpts: 

  • Opener m. 1-19
    Show dynamic contrast in this section
  • Closer m. 11-26
    Show your ability to play in the upper register of your instrument. When the part is split, play the part that you are most comfortable with

Quilting Party:
Starting at section A (after the 16 measures of rest) and stop at section D
Euphonium (bass clef)
Euphonium (treble clef)

Chromatic scale:
Bass Clef: F below the staff-F above the staff.
Treble Clef: G below the staff-G above the staff.

20J (Tuba)

Please ensure that the metronome is audible in your audition for ALL excerpts so that we can clearly hear both your playing and the metronome. Be sure to choose a tempo in the given ranges that demonstrates your highest level of technical and musical achievement. Also. adjust your camera so that we can see both your face and fingers clearly.

We will assess the following in your music audition:

  • Tone Quality
  • Intonation
  • Technical Accuracy: Rhythm, Articulations, Note Accuracy, and Dynamics
  • Air Control (Playing with a controlled sound)


Show Excerpts:

  • Opener- 108 to End, Tempo 132-160
  • Closer- 4 – 11, Tempo 100-128


Traditional Stand Tune Excerpt:

Quilting Party- Letter B to and take the second ending to D, Tempo 92-128

Quilting Party Music

 Lower Split Auditions: (Optional)

If you would like to audition for the low split part, play from low Bb down, chromatically, while using a continuous slur to as low as you can go to pedal Bb.

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