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***Everyone must register for the Marching Southerners class in order to participate in the band or band camp (MU 192 or MU 392).

If you are a member of the Marching Ballerinas or the Southerners Colorguard, you must register for the Marching Ballerinas class for the fall semester in order to participate (MU 198 or MU 398).***


The online band camp registration form is required of all Members: Rookies & Vets.

For all of the woodwinds and brass players, we will be having a virtual music audition process. This video audition will be combined with a marching/visual audition that with take place at band camp for your overall audition score. Information on these video auditions can be found HERE.

If you experience any problems registering, please email your section leaders. Their email addresses are located on the Leadership Staff page.


All new members will attend Rookie Camp, which will begin on Friday, August 5th. Dorm check-in for ALL ROOKIES AND VETS staying in the dorm for camp, or for the whole semester, will take place on August 5th, from 9am-12pm. Anyone that will need to stay in a dorm for camp but not for the academic year will be housed in Dixon Hall (males) and Curtiss Hall (females), on the 3rd floor. Full band camp will begin on Sunday, August 7th. Drum corps members will report on August 15 and join their sections for 1:30PM sectionals.


If you would like to be housed in a dorm room during band camp, here are a few things you will need to know. For those of you staying in a dorm as your permanent housing for the fall semester, you will move directly to your permanent dorm when you check in at camp. If you are not staying in the dorm for the upcoming academic year, you will be housed in Dixon Hall (males) or Curtiss Hall (females). The dorms do not provide any of the basic necessities needed for overnight stays; therefore, you will need to bring your own linens and toiletries for band camp.

Those staying in a dorm temporarily will need to move out on Friday, August 12th, by 12pm. 


Food Services on campus will be open during band camp. The campus cafeteria, the Jack Hopper Dining Hall, will be charging $10 for meals during band camp. You might also plan to visit restaurants in town for your meals. Please note some local restaurants do not accept credit/debit cards, and others do not accept checks. Plan accordingly! Finally, some students will bring small refrigerators, buy food at the grocery store, and prepare their own meals. Whichever way you go, be sure to eat healthy, complete meals during band camp. You’ll need strength and energy to make it through rehearsal!


Our outstanding band organization did not gain its international reputation without the full attendance of its members. Accordingly, your perfect and timely attendance is expected to be the norm. Please print and keep the camp schedule for reference during band camp. Minor adjustments in the rehearsal schedule will occur as needed; however, the time parameters will not be expanded. Ask off from work NOW!


Your instrument and equipment should be brought to each rehearsal (including our first meeting). You will need a pencil to mark your music and a wire stand for all music rehearsals. (If you use an iPad or tablet for music, please make sure that it is charged for music rehearsals). The Marching Southerners use the Ultimate Drill Book app for marching drill. You will need to make sure that your phone is fully charged for marching rehearsals, as you will be checking your coordinates often. During rehearsals it is very important to wear only quality athletic footwear. Long practice hours will take a toll on your feet, so be prepared!

You will also need a good sized water bottle. During Band Camp we will provide ice and water during outdoor rehearsals, however you will need to fill up your water bottle before rehearsal once the regular season begins. 


Uniforms will be checked out during band camp. A representative from Dinkles marching band shoes will attend camp during the first few days to size everyone who needs performance shoes and to take orders. Marching Southerners performances require this type of shoes. (Winds & Percussion)

a. The shoes are $35 (which includes tax)

b. You may pay with cash or with credit card

c. If you pay with cash, you must have correct change ($35)

d. The shoes will be delivered and distributed before the first performance.


The Graduate Assistants will check out university-owned instruments on August 5th (see camp schedule). All large instruments (20-Js, percussion, baritones and mellophones) are provided by the University free of charge. These instruments will also have mouthpieces included, that everyone will play on. This helps us achieve our world-renowned sound! However, individuals are responsible for any damages. Please take care of our precious instruments!

Music & Charts:

Although the Southerners always memorize their music for performance, we prefer that instrumentalists carry their music for reference during all rehearsals. These items significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of our rehearsals. Download the stand music here. Due to the limited amount of music stands in the music department, all percussionists, woodwind and brass players are REQUIRED to bring their own music stand to camp. If you have a large device such as an iPad or tablet, you are welcome to read your music that way, however we discourage using phones for music, as it is hard to see and change during rehearsal.


Members will be required to purchase some personal items for use in the guard. Please be prepared to make these purchases upon arrival at camp. Please check the JSU Colorguard website for additional information.


Be sure to maintain contact with your Group Leaders for all other details regarding Ballerina preparations. Please check the Ballerina website for additional information.


You may contact the Band Office at (256) 782-5562 for general information. For more specific questions regarding your section, email the University Bands Graduate Assistants, or the Section Leaders. Their contact information can be found by clicking here. You can usually expect an answer fairly quickly.

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